TPG Freebie: Abuse

Abuse is an old-school platformer set in a prison setting where evil scientists have developed a virus capable of making humans rage uncontrollably.  The virus has been released and the entire prison is in trouble.  You must escape before enraged humans destroy you.

Abuse is available on Desura free of charge.

5 thoughts on “TPG Freebie: Abuse

  1. Great memories of this game! Loved it! Is this a limited time deal or permanent? I’ve never made the jump to Desura, is it worth setting up? If for no other reason, I’ve toyed with dumping my indie bundle games into a newly created Desura account, but haven’t gotten around to it.

    • Desura is a lot like Steam, but you do not have to be online to play your games. I know Offline Mode in Steam works for some and not others although I have never had trouble with the feature. With Desura, go offline and you are set.

      I would say Desura is to indie games what Steam is to AAA. Not that Steam does not have indies, but this is a close enough analogy. Plus Desura is run by the same folks who handle ModDB and IndieDB so mods are readily available as well.

      No harm in installing and giving it a whirl.

  2. Heh, I remember when I found this online. I absolutely adored it for it’s high difficulty and dark setting.

    You could also check out Tiggit. Tiggit isn’t a game, it’s more like Steam for Freeware. Pretty nice, but still in its alpha stage.

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