TPG Cast Episode 4: Dustforce Interview

Adam Ames talks with Hitbox Team to discuss the success of their great platforming title, Dustforce.  You will learn why the team turned down a publishing deal, how a head of lettuce inspired sound design, their relationship with Valve, Dustforce sales numbers,  post-launch support, level editor release and so much more.

You can download direct via Dropbox or listen on YouTube.

Running Time: 1 hour, 18 minutes

5 thoughts on “TPG Cast Episode 4: Dustforce Interview

  1. Absolutely love these guys & wish them all the best for the future as they just seem to do everything right. They’re incredibly smart, direct & critical though not to the point where it has an adverse effect. Can’t wait for their new game & thanks all for doing the cast!

    As a random side note, they were also spot on with their points about testing & focus groups especially regarding Portal 2, I’ve made similar comments in the past which have been very unpopular hah, Portal 1 ftw (=

    • As I said in the interview, I never thought about testing in that particular way. I know every developer has their own ideas and criteria, but to bring articulate that aspect in the way they did, gave me a reason to pause.

  2. These podcasts keep getting longer and longer 🙂

    That was a very good interview, much better than ever could be accomplished via email questionnaire. The point about designing for the test group was a very good bit of insight, also a lesson I wish some of the big studios would learn. I have read a lot of production notes and developer blogs where the point comes up that a feature originally in the game gets dropped based on early feed back and after release the biggest complaint is that it is missing the dropped feature. Another place you see this is in sequels. I read that the team for Dead Space 2 specifically tried to address the criticism that Dead Space 1 was “too scary” and thus got panned as a rather generic feeling shooter.

    I’m glad these guys have found success, it really sounds like they have a solid base to start with if they do indeed wish to continue down this path.

    I am beginning to wonder however how these podcasts are recorded. At first I imagined an inexpensive homemade recording studio in Adam’s basement, but after some thought I realized that these people are probably spread across the world. Now I’m convinced that it is an inexpensive homemade recording studio in the back of Adam’s G-IV private jet.

    • I knew going in the interviews would end up between 60-90 minutes. The other casts may be knocked down to the 45 minute mark or so with one, maybe two topics. There is just so much to cover in a short amount of time. I want our guests to feel they got enough information out there.

      These guys were in Australia. Phil is in Germany. I am in Utah. The ONLY way is to conduct interviews is from the comfort and tranquility of my very own private jet. I spent all the money on the plane so I had to buy a cheap Logitech headset.

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