TPG Freebie: Slender

Based on the Slender Man internet meme comes the free horror PC game from Parsec Productions entitled, Slender.   Touted by some to be scarier than Amnesia, Slender looks to be well on its way to once again opening doors to the true survival horror genre.  The official site is down due to heavy traffic, but you can still download the PC and Mac versions via Mediafire.

1 thought on “TPG Freebie: Slender

  1. I have spent about 30-40 minutes playing this and I must say I like the way they have set the mood with the (lack of) lighting and the sound effects, having spent many nights in dark wooded areas myself I’d say they got it pretty close to the real thing. The game is based on you taking nothing but a flashlight into a pitch black forest at night and collecting clues which are slips of paper stuck to the sides of trees or walls, all the while trying to avoid Slend who is somewhere in the forest with you.

    While the models are not on par with say Amnesia it still looks good enough that you can tell the difference between the trees and the structures. I’m hoping that they put some more clutter in the buildings because they seem a bit spartan at the moment. There was a nice bit of detail when I came across a broken down truck and noticed the manufacturers emblem on the grill, it was a nice touch I thought.

    While not really my kind of game (I couldn’t get through Amnesia without falling asleep) I do recognize and appreciate the hard work that went into making this game. If you are someone who does like the Helpless in the Dark genre of horror games like Penumbra or Amnesia then you have nothing to lose by trying this out. Just don’t make my initial mistake of getting lost and going over to the tall guy standing standing next to that tree to ask if he has seen any clues laying around… he isn’t very helpful.

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