Hard Reset: Exile Free DLC Now Available

Flying Wild Hog has released the long awaited free DLC to their old school FPS Hard Reset, Exile.  This DLC gives the player five new levels, new enemies and one new boss fight.  If you already have Hard Reset installed via Steam, you should be good to go.  If not, you can download here.  In addition, you can pick up Hard Reset for the asking price of $14.99 which includes the new update.

3 thoughts on “Hard Reset: Exile Free DLC Now Available

  1. Now this is DLC done right! I you haven’t bought the game yet then now is a good time, and if you already have it they are not just finding an excuse to milk more money out you.

    Sadly I don’t have this game yet. I played the demo back right before the game came out and I thought it was really fun. I missed it when it was part of that bundle and I have been eyeing it on Desura for a little bit. I’m kinda hoping that it comes to GOG so I can try to keep all my games in one place. From what I understand Flying Wild Hog was started by a group of ex CDProjekt developers, so it might be on it’s way to GOG right now or there is some bad blood there and I have a better chance of seeing Bad Blood on GOG before Hard Reset.

    • Not sure about CDPR, but I know Flying Wild Hog has several members of People Can Fly, the devs who made Painkiller.

      Hard Reset is only $3.75 on Steam right now.

      • From a PC Gamer article:

        “Like some kind of Polish, game-developing Voltron, Flying Wild Hog was formed from members of People Can Fly (Painkiller), CD Projekt RED (The Witcher 2), and City Interactive (Sniper: Ghost Warrior).”

        So what I told you was true… from a certain point of view.

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