Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Confirmed For PC

Activision has confirmed today that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD will come out on PC a few weeks later after the XBLA release on July 18th.  It is good to see these types of games make a comeback on the PC.  Hopefully, additional PC sports oriented titles will follow.  More information and a PC screen shot can be seen below.

The single-player campaign in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD will feature a combination of all-new game modes alongside some of the classics. Fans of Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground will be pleased to see that Hawkman has made a return: a game mode where players fly around levels collecting a series of colored pellets before time runs out (think Pac-Man on skateboards). A brand-new mode to the series is Big Head Survival, where players have a head that’s constantly growing and the only way to stop the swelling is to perform tricks before it gets too big and explodes. Throw in Free Skate and a never before seen list of PROjectives, new, harder objectives unlocked upon completing the game’s original objectives, and there’s plenty to keep gamers coming back for more.

Beyond career mode, online play offers its own assortment of specific game modes. Trick Attack is the classic, two minute battle where the player with the highest score as time runs out reigns victorious. Old favorite Graffiti mode also returns and gives players two minutes to “tag” as many objects as they can by performing tricks on them. Making its online debut is Big Head Elimination, a hilarious game mode where players will have to perform tricks to shrink their ever-growing heads and keep their noggins intact longer than their opponents. Free Skate is another online mode and allows players to skate around openly and practice tricks without any goals or time restraints.

3 thoughts on “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Confirmed For PC

  1. Sweet! I’m totally stoked at the thought of being able to play some High Def Tony Hawk on my PC.

    Oh wait, thats right, it’s Activision. Okay now I’m only moderately stoked in anticipation of a crummy console port with intrusive DRM and half the game being cut and sold across several DLCs.

    Well at least they feel the PC is a viable market for this style of game. That’s something at least.

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