Upcoming TPG Cast Release Schedule

We are five episodes into our new TPG Cast and finally feel we have our sea legs under us.  We wanted to make everyone aware of what you can expect from us as we begin this new chapter of TPG.  Below you will read our release schedule for July and a few bullet points about how we would like to present the show.  All of our previous casts can be found here.

One of the things we noticed about other internet gaming shows is the lack of regular updates.  We wanted to make sure our readers knew exactly which dates the casts would be made available.  Of course, we cannot 100% guarantee due to various unforeseen circumstances, but if a set back does occur, we will let you know as soon as possible.  We are hoping to upload a new show every four to seven days.  We love doing these shows, but we also need to protect ourselves against burnout.  Our current format is to record a series of shows one week and upload them throughout the following week.  In essence, this gives us a one week on – one week off schedule.

We have a wide variety of guests lined up to be a part of TPG Cast.  From digital distributors to AAA to indie to various PC gaming commentators, we feel our show will be one of the best on the internet.

From the recent feedback received, we know our listeners want TPG Cast on iTunes and Android.  The reason this has not yet happened is due to the same reasons we are not able to change many of the design features.  As long as we are on the free WordPress host, we have to look elsewhere to create the RSS feeds needed to be on iTunes and Android.  We are moving to a new host, but that will not be until next month at the earliest. Until then, we are looking to sites such as Podbean to allow us to get our show available.  All of these things cost money and finances are still a huge roadblock for us.

Below is the schedule for the next five casts:

Episode 9 – Digital Distribution With GOG.com

Hosts: Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames

Guests: Trevor Longino (Marketing Manager – GOG.com)

Release Date: July 28th

Episode 10 – A Virus Named Tom

Hosts: Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames

Guests: Tim Kennan

Release Date: August 1st

Episode 11 – PC Versus Consoles

Hosts: Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames

Guests: Mike Bezek

Release Date: August 5th

Episode 12 – PC Gaming Off Topic

Hosts: Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames

Guests: None

Release Date: August 9th

2 thoughts on “Upcoming TPG Cast Release Schedule

  1. Would you consider having releases always fall on the same day(s)? Perhaps Mondays to get us through the week and Fridays so we have some thing to do over the weekend? Or maybe just release a show every Weneday and make us wait while you laugh at us; you may laugh either maniacally or darkly, that’s up to you.

    Also, has Phil found a good wrestler name yet? I was trying to come up with some but nothing really worked right. I tried “Flaming” Phil and Phil “The Pill” but those paint the completely wrong picture. “Phil-ed With Rage” sounds too contrived and “Just Phil” doesn’t have enough kick to it.

    I’m really looking forward to the new shows, especially the Indie Gaming and PC vs Console episodes. I really hope you keep these going because they are very informative as well as entertaining. Plus I need at least 6 more episodes for some good “Best of TPG” and “TPG Bloopers” shows.

    • I thought about posting on certain days too. Perhaps in the end, that will be the best way to go.

      We have two shows Phil and I recorded which were not to uploaded for various reasons. Perhaps one day the world will hear our incoherent ramblings.

      Here are a few names I thought about: “Furious” Phil Cordaro, “Ferocious” Phil Cordaro, Phil-er Up (Gas Station worker gimmick), “The Coordinator”.

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