IGB Presents The Recession Bundle

Indie Game Bundles has released their newest project, The Recession Bundle.  The goal of this bundle is to get the spotlight on lesser known developers while helping a worthy cause.  Games included are: The Cat and The Coup Dubloonl, Mighty Jill Off, Action Fist, Vidiot Game and Neverball.  The charity involved is SOS Children’s Village Croatia which provides food, shelter and education for over 250 children.

2 thoughts on “IGB Presents The Recession Bundle

  1. I is actually a nice bundle even for those that want to have “something” for their money. As long, most games are freeware, three of them are not. Nice one, Break Block for those paying 5$+, and two of them, Star-Twine and 8-Bit Night for PWYW.
    And I must say that 8-Bit Night is a gem. Platformer with unique twist that allow you to twist the whole board, horizontally, or vertically, so your avatar and his doppelganger mirrored shadow can visit different places on the board. It’s not that long, 50 levels lasts for about 2 hours, but definitely gameplay is very smooth and nice. Highly recommend it.

    • It seems they are doing fairly well given they launched a day after the Steam Sales. Bad timing to be sure, but they did not know when Steam would introduce the sales.

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