TPG Freebie: Super Adventure Pals

From CoruptedGameStudio comes the adorable and addictive browser-based action RPG, Super Adventure Pals.   Be prepared for 75 levels, 4 boss fights and countless NPCs spanning over 3 themed cities.  You can play Super Adventure Pals via Armor Games free of charge.  If you want to know what you are getting into beforehand, check out the official trailer here.

2 thoughts on “TPG Freebie: Super Adventure Pals

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  2. I know he says it was not based on or influenced by… But this does feel a lot like what a game based on Adventure Time should be. Even my daughter asked “Daddy, are you playing Adventure Time?! Can I play it next?” At any rate it is way better than any of the actual Adventure Time games slapped together by people hired by the Cartoon Network. The controls are a little awkward by having you use both WASD and the arrow keys, maybe I’ll try a gamepad.

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