Crazy Advertisements

As some of you can see, advertisements have been placed on TPG without my permission.  A few months ago, WordPress contacted me in regards to a new service called, WordAds.  I would be able to run ads on TPG in the hopes of making some money.  Currently, we cannot run ads due to being on free hosting provided by WordPress.  I responded by asking if I would be in control of these advertisements.  I was told WordPress would be in total control of the placement, type and functionality.  I politely declined.  Now for some unknown reason, I received an e-mail from WordPress stating, “I just noticed that WordAds were not active on your site but I just manually made the change.”   An e-mail has been sent to WordPress demanding this action be reversed.  I profusely apologize for this.  We will never run ads on TPG, in any form, which are not directly related to PC gaming or PC technology.

5 thoughts on “Crazy Advertisements

    • I was appalled. I saw the e-mail come in and reloaded the site… oh my… it was awful. Huge banner ad at the top, long banner ad on the right side and one ad between each post. Terrible. The fact that they did not even send a follow up beforehand was crazy.

      I did get a response and the ads were taken down earlier.

      • I didn’t see them either, but thank you Adam for being right on top of it.

        Did you happen to save a screenshot or two as examples of how awful this site could be without your dedication?

        Was there at least an ad for cheese?

      • HA! An ad for Tilamook may have eased the pain a little.

        No. I missed the opportunity. I was too pissed and shocked at the same time.

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