Content Release Schedule

We enjoy bringing you original interviews, features and reviews from every corner of PC gaming  We wanted to give you an idea of what to expect from us over the next few weeks.  TPG has a lot of great stuff brewing in her laboratories so stay tuned.  Of course, this card is subject to change at the promoter’s discretion.  See the entire list below.


MLB 2K12, Cinders, Ghost Recon Future Solider, Orcs Must Die! 2, Adventures of Shuggy, Dark Souls, A Virus Named Tom and Nexuiz.


Hawken, WWE WrestleFest, A Virus Named Tom, Torchlight II and Reset


Online Backpacker Part 3 and A Brief History of PC Baseball

TPG Cast

Resonance, Consoles vs PC, GOG, Off Topic and Computer Gaming World Museum

8 thoughts on “Content Release Schedule

  1. Especially looking forward to the AVNT, Torchlight II & Reset interviews – literally any news on Reset or insight into the game is of huge interest to me. Good luck reviewing Nexuiz since there was no one playing less than a week after release =/ So If you need a buddy gimme a shout.

    TPG is female eh? learn something new everyday.

    • We have the Nexuiz review in the editing process and the lack of people playing was a huge problem.

      Heh…. I did not realize I worded the post in that way. I guess I learned something new as well. 🙂

  2. Oh, another Online Backpacker!

    So how many TPG episodes does that cover? If it is 5 separate episodes then I’m really looking forward to the official Off Topic cast. Because, you know, that sort of describes all of them so far; “In this episode we start to interview the head programmer for a new game but end up spending most of the time talking about BBQ sauce and Phil forgets Adam is even there halfway through it. Enjoy”

    Seriously though, I love the casts. I’m about this close to actually creating a You Tube account so that I can Like a Subscribe them.

    • Feel free to subscribe. I usually put the casts on YouTube first because I need the link before I can publish the blurb here. We just learned today casts with Desura and Runic were given the green light. Just a matter of times/dates. The Off Topic has already been recorded with just Phil and I. Phil is leaving Germany to visit his family back in Chicago so he will be unavailable for much of August. We needed to create a good backlog before he left.

      • Ironically the off topic cast wound up veering off topic and becoming on topic. 😦

      • Why not get Phil to pre-record about 15-20 phrases like:

        “Oh yes and Adam is here too”
        “Oh man, I hate GameStop!”
        “You really eat that? They don’t even have that over here”

        And then you keep them all queued up in your computer so that during the cast you can just hit a button and we hear Phil. It would be like a Virtual Phil, although it’s kind of not fair to give it a cooler nickname than the real Phil

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