TPG Daily Links: Is That Your Final Click?

TPG Daily Links cannot be stopped, you can only hope to contain them.  From the Morrowind v3.0 Overhaul to the KOTOR II Content Mod, today we have assembled a great few links from the world of PC gaming and PC technology.

PC Hardware/Software

Origin EON 11-S Review – PC Perspective

The death of the Alienware M11x seemed as if it might leave a hole in the market – or not. As it turns out, that discontinuation of the world’s smallest gaming laptop coincided with the introduction of a new generic 11.6” gaming laptop chassis from Clevo. You can still get your netbook-sized game on.

Thrustmaster T500 Racing Wheel Review – eTeknix

Today we are taking a look at the T500 RS Racing Wheel & Pedals from Thrustmaster, a PC and Playstation 3 compatible racing simulation wheel targeted at the racing enthusiast gamer, plus the very special Ferrari F1 wheel attachment optional upgrade for those that prefer a full F1 setup over the standard GT wheel, or of course for those who want the best of both worlds.

Razor Taipan Gaming Mouse Review – Hardware Heaven

Despite the fact that Razer have a large product catalogue the reality is that regularly they take one model and tweak it for a specific audience, or take an ageing one and bring it up to date. There isnt anything necessarily wrong with this, after all if you have something classic like the DeathAdder design, why not make a similar mouse, but wireless…or bring it up to date with new internals.

Hitachi Deskstar 4TB HDD Review – TweakTown

Today we’re looking at the 5K4000 model, a 5,900 RPM platter design that was designed for cool and quite operation. Hitachi GST’s 7K4000 is the 7,200 RPM model with lower access times and a little faster sequential performance. The 5K4000 we’re looking at today is primarily for storing large amounts of user data in a second tier, i.e. not the operating system boot drive.

Hardware Acceleration In Windows 8 – MSDN

In computer graphics, high performance is a guiding principle. In the early days of personal computing, discrete, add-on graphics cards were mostly focused on specialized applications such as CAD/CAM and gaming. Even early on, there was a view that all of this graphics horsepower could be used for more: notably a better user interface and experience. One of the first graphics cards for a PC was called a “Windows Accelerator” from S3 Graphics, which focused on the user experience by moving windows around the screen faster. As graphics hardware evolved, so, too, did the methods that developers use to interact with that hardware.

PC Gaming

Dark Scavengers – Indie Impressions

Create a character through your actions instead of just the usual stat sheets, meet lots of interesting NPCs, and shape the types of items and company your character keeps through your decisions – all while unraveling a mysterious over-arching plot!

Is Kickstarter Good For Gaming? – ThePCelitist

Woodsie and Shepherd weigh in on a debate from an issue of PC Gamer magazine about whether or not Kickstarter is good for the future of the gaming industry.

KOTOR II Restored Content Mod – ModDB

TSLRCM tries to fix to the best of our abilities the issues The Sith Lords had due to being rushed. TSLRCM contains a host of restored content, most important ones the HK factory and your party members appearing on Malachor. Also this mod fixes many many bugs left inside TSL. More than a thousand bugs have been fixed, from small dialog issues to gamebreaking bugs. The end result is that this mod gives you the most polished and full TSL experience possible, the best possible chance to get the full experience Obsidian tried for when making the game.

Morrowind Overhaul v3.0 Trailer – Official YouTube

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