The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod

Modders.  Is there anything they cannot accomplish?  KOTOR II was released seven years ago and finally after years of hard work, The Restored Content Mod is now available.  This mod restores much of the content dumped by Obsidian in order to meet their release deadline.  It also fixes many bugs, some of which, blocked available quests and dialogue.  You can download TSLRCM via ModDB or the official forums.  KOTOR II is not available on any digital distribution platform, but can be found at local US retail stores such as Best Buy, Target or Wal-Mart.

7 thoughts on “The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod

    • In what way? EA had nothing to do with KOTOR 2 as far as I am aware. LucasArts published and Obsidian developed.

      I see what you are saying though, but until KOTOR II becomes available via digital distribution, not much we can do. I did not see a donation button for the modders either.

      • You are right. I should have written Lucas Arts, not EA (my bad).
        Anyway, I did not mean anything in particular, only that the last sentence looks a bit like an advertisement (‘modders finally fixed KoTOR II, so go buy it now’ 😉 .
        Anyway, seems that the time has finally come for my second playthrough of the Sith Lords. If I find the time (sigh…).

      • Yeah… as I said… just wanted people to know about this mod. Plus, those who have never played KOTOR II because of bad experience or press can now do so without having to worry about missing content or game stopping bugs.

  1. This is what’s responsible for me playing KOTOR again 🙂 Already got the mod downloaded and with play KOTOR II with it when I’m done with the first one. You can never have enough light sabers !!

  2. I’ve got boxes of both games, and bought KOTOR on Steam again other day because I seem to have put the box somewhere “safe” and can’t find it. I found it too easy to become too powerful in KOTOR II but still a very enjoyable game. Can’t wait to see what the mod adds to it.

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