Site Update

We wanted to give everyone an update on the happenings going around TPG over the next month.  We are officially transferring the site to our new host, TPG Cast is taking off, along with our usual releases of e-mail interviews.  In addition, a new TPG video series we hope you will enjoy.

Site Business

On August 20th, we will be transferring TPG from WordPress to Bluehost.  During this time, the site will unavailable for a few hours.  Shortly thereafter, probably a week, we will launch the new TPG.  We sent out a request for site beta testers a while back.  We wanted to send out feelers again and to let those who did contact us last time, we have not forgotten about them.  We will send out links to those who want to help us make sure there are no glaring issues before we go live.


Drip Drip, Ghost Whisperer, MLB2K12, Drox Operative, Orcs Must Die! 2 Co-Op, Dawnguard, Ghost Recon Future Solider and Eternal Journey: New Atlantis.

E-mail Interviews

The Witcher 2/Cyberpunk, Wrack and Baldur’s Gate 2

TPG Cast (All confirmed and dates set)

Rock Paper Shotgun/Sir, You Are Being Hunted, Desura, Torchlight II, Bryan Edge-Salois (, Computer Gaming World Museum and A Virus Named TOM.

TPG No Comment

This new YouTube series will be 15-20 minutes of real gameplay footage performed by one of our writers with absolutely no audio commentary.  Our first video will be released next week.

13 thoughts on “Site Update

    • Thanks. We know this hard work will pay off in the long run. It looks as though things are slowly coming together for us.

      Mike Bezek has been killing himself with the new site. There will be some things to get used to, but I am sure most will love what we have in store.

    • Thanks.

      Also, thanks to you for adding great comments to our discussions. I love the fact that we can have civilized conversations even though we may not agree on everything.

  1. Wow – I saw the title as “Sith Update”…
    Anyway, good luck with the move – hope it all goes smoothly, and looking forward to some more great stuff when you get settled.

    • We want to do this for a living. In order to make that happen, we need to run ads and make TPG more attractive to potential sponsors/partners. Plus, as it stands right now, we have no control over the design aspects. Moving to a new host gives us the freedom to flex our artistic muscle and get away from the current “blog” look. If you are interested in more detail about our plans, I posted a blurb a few months ago here.

      The short version: Our presentation will be better. Our design will be better. More importantly, people will take us seriously.

  2. Finally! I like this site but the design left a lot to be desired. I was hoping upgrade would be imminent. Looking forward to it, and your casts/interviews/reviews.

    • The change has been in the works since January. The reason it has taken so long is very simply money. It was always a catch 22. We need money to make the changes in order for us to make money so we can do this has our full-time jobs.

  3. That’s right kids, my sweat, blood and other bodily fluids have been poured into this project. I come from a graphic design background, albeit my web design skills are very minimal. That has not stopped me from spending sleepless nights tinkering with css layouts and whatnot. The new site will be still focused on minimalism and simplicity. Images are going to be smaller on the home page, no more overbearing whitespace, completely redesigned archives, and an easier to navigate home page. Yes, we will have advertisements, but on a very minimal scale.

    Everything that you will see on the new site is paid for out of our own pockets, and we will hopefully generate an income to improve the quality of different aspects of the site. We would like to compile our own gameplay videos for reviews and previews in the future, which will require a few hundred dollars in Fraps licenses. We would also like to market our site a bit better by advertising on places like Reddit, but that also requires a small budget. So, as much as everyone likes to use AdBlock (myself included), please remember that clicks will be very important to our currently all-volunteer operation here. As much as we would like to make TPG our full-time jobs with revenue, first and foremost we would like the ability to use any funding we receive to improve our delivery method of our content to you, our readers.

    As for those who are wondering why we are switching: TPG in its current form does not appear to be a “professional” site to potential partners and developers. While we strive to provide no holds barred, truthful and professional content, the “blog” design we have right now leaves much to be desired. A new logo, presentation, and delivery will push us into the upper threshold and give us more footing as a legitimate site. From different industry contacts that have seen the beta site, they seem to be impressed of the new look in contrast to the old one. That is always a good sign.

    We will be opening the doors of the new site with a few new features that will be rolling out one by one. Adam has a video project under his belt, we will be introducing a new hardware component to the site, and I will be assuming control of improving our design with the help of any feedback we receive.

    We thank you for your continued support and ask you to (as much as you might hate it) follow us on Facebook and Twitter, as well as spread the word as much as you can. We work hard to provide you with the best content possible, and only with everyone’s help will we be able top push the boundaries of what defines a “game site”.


  4. any chance you guys book dapper swine games on the TPG cast at some point? i follow them on twitter and i’m interested in blasted fortress (yay physics games!), would be interested to hear more about it and maybe what their plans are for the future. or maybe have an off topic with them because i read their text interview and it was pretty long and a good read, would like to hear more.

    also hell yes to the torchlight 2 interview! 🙂

    • Dapper Swine has always been in cards for a future TPG Cast. The reason it has not been done yet is because they already gave us an e-mail interview in May. We did not want to monopolize their PR time dealing with just our site.

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