TPG Daily Links: I’ve Clicked and I Can’t Get Up

Monday is here once again and so are the Daily Links.  Take a look around this crazy place we call the internet for great PC technology stories.  Safari not being updated, Windows 8 will only boot into Metro, various hardware reviews and PC gaming articles.

PC Hardware/Software

Safari For Windows No Longer Updated – Forbes

While Apple has debuted Safari 6.0 browser for OS X 10.7 “Lion” and 10.8 “Mountain Lion” users, it seems that Windows users aren’t able to join the party.

Windows 8 Will Only Boot Into Metro – CNet

Leaked builds of Microsoft’s Windows 8 are providing more clues as to what kinds of user behaviors will and won’t be permitted. Skipping Metro is right out.

Intel SSD 330 Review – AnandTech

Although SSD pricing is extremely volatile, Intel’s SSD 330 tends to be among the cheaper solutions. The 60GB drive is just as cheap as the competition at $70, and the 120GB model is only $5 more than the chepaest alternative here.

ASUS Xonar USB Audio Card Review – Neoseeker

It’s generally accepted that onboard audio cards have gotten much better over these past few years. It was more common before to see dedicated audio cards being installed in computers, but now such components are becoming more of a niche market. There are still many systems that feature cheap soundcards though, for example netbooks. Granted, even then there are a few models that have better stuff such as Harman Kardon speakers, but they are scarce

Xlience Interceptor Pro Case Review – KitGuru

When a case which holds just one system isn’t enough, call in the Interceptor Pro. Combining two separate chambers into a single full tower chassis allows this behemoth to support HPTX and mini-ITX systems simultaneously. So is this dual-system Goliath a gimmick or can it offer the flexibility that its competitors desire?

Samsung Series 5-500 Chromebook Review – PC Perspective

What’s important is how well the griddle cooks your bacon – and in this case, it serves up a crispy plate of goodness better than any other product on the market for the same price.

PC Gaming

Inventory Systems – ThePCelitist

Woodsie and Shepherd discuss the various inventory systems used by games, how they affect gameplay, the extent of their “realism,” and other scintillating subtopics.

Q.U.B.E. Review – Indie Impressions

Some interesting design ideas, beautiful graphics (even in the reasonably small scope of the game), great controls, and clever puzzles make this a game you should definitely grab the next time you want to tease your brain a little.

NeocoreGames Interview – Rock Paper Shotgun

We’re being blessed with a swell of action RPGs in the near future, and among their number is the intriguing The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing. From NeocoreGames, they who brought us the King Arthur strategy RPGs, it’s a sharp change of direction for the studio, and a return to releasing a game independently. We spoke to them about why they’ve headed in this direction, what lessons they’ve learned from recent ARPG releases, and their ongoing research into who would win in a fight between a vampire and a werewolf.

QuakeCon 2012 – John Carmack Keynote

3 1/2 hours of Carmack talking about RAGE PC, Doom 4 and more.

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8 thoughts on “TPG Daily Links: I’ve Clicked and I Can’t Get Up

      • Well it makes sense from a marketing perspective. You have this brand new interface that people aren’t going to be familiar with, if you allow them to completely bypass it then most will. They spent way too much time and money to allow all that work to be ignored. By forcing everyone to use it, even if it’s just for long enough to figure out how to close it, then you get people exposed to it and hopefully they will see that it’s not a bad as they thought.

      • That makes it even more weird. Years ago MS was hounded by Anti-Trust guys and EU for forcing PC makers to use Windows only and users to use Windows Movie Player and then Internet Explorer.

        Now it’s OK to force everyone?

      • I agree forcing a user to use IE or any other piece of software is wrong. In this case, at the OS level, is it different? I think so. Would this be the same thing as bypassing a loading screen in a PC game?

      • If I rember right the sticking point on the IE lawsuit was that it was automatically installed as part of Windows and hard coded to be the default browser. You couldn’t install Windows without it and even if you liked another web browser better there was no easy mechanism for changing the default browser away from IE, although it could be done if you had some technical knowledge. Since there is no competition trying to make a better Start button (yet) then there is not really an issue with making the user activate it when they want to use it, legally speaking only.

  1. I don’t know. Not much of a fan at what MS have been doing over the last several years after it introduced and focused primarily on the X Box. Their products are good but their directions are not that comforting, for a PC gamer at least.

    Still, we’ll have to wait and see how it goes with Windows 8.

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