PC Gaming has been pushed to the back burner by the vast majority of gaming sites and media outlets in favor of consoles.  TruePCGaming looks to change this by offering interviews, news, reviews and original articles about the best PC gaming has to offer on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.  From little known indie developers to the big boys, TruePCGaming will cover it all.  While we have no malice towards consoles or those who support them, we still feel there is a market for PC enthusiasts and TruePCGaming will fill that need.

Additional Points

We hate blogspam.  TruePCGaming will never link to another site outside of official sources, nor will we link to our site in such a way.  In other words, we will not link to a site, who links to another site, where you can finally see the original content.  The site linked must be the original creator of the material whether it be an article, image or video.  We believe in this day and age where everybody can have a voice, you need to yell the loudest without being overbearing or obnoxious.

TruePCGaming will never create unnecessary multi-page layouts for its articles, interviews or reviews.

Being as transparent as possible is important.  TruePCGaming will always offer full disclosure on reviews and previews written by our staff.  You will know exactly how TruePCGaming acquired the games and hardware reviewed whether it be a game purchased by a staff member or review copy.

Our review structure is different than the vast majority of PC gaming media outlets available.  We will never use the current numerical or star scoring system.  We ask the simple question, “Is it worth your money?”  Please read our Review Scoring Statement for more information.

TruePCGaming will never use intrusive advertisements.  You will never see full background ads with hidden links, ads with sound or music, annoying animated ads or anything else that would make you want to hunt us down.  TruePCGaming would rather have great readership and active users than make a few bucks.

Comment Posting Rules

Please use the comment section to provide mature, intelligent and thought-provoking conversation.  No cussing, no trolling, no flamewars, no slander (sexual/racist or otherwise) and no spam.  Your comment will be deleted in the event you violate the rules.

Our Future

At the moment, none of the staff members are paid for the work they produce at TruePCGaming and the site makes absolutely no money.  We do this because we are passionate about PC gaming.  However, we will eventually be in a situation where the site can make a profit and everyone will be paid for the countless hours spent providing quality PC gaming reviews, interviews and features.

Last updated: 5-1-12

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