Final Fantasy VII PC Re-Release Impressions

After multiple false alarms by Square-Enix, the re-release of Final Fantasy VII for PC has finally seen the light of day.  Unfortunately, it appears to be an extreme bare bones rehash of the original PC version released in 1997.  Below will chronicle our first, and quite possibly last, impressions of this title.  You can also jump straight to our 10 minute gameplay video via YouTube.

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A Virus Named TOM Review

By Stuart Young

A Virus Named TOM is a tight little puzzle game with a neat twist. You play as TOM, a computer virus created by the archetypical deranged genius Dr. X. Thanks to Dr. X’s innovations, his erstwhile employers, Mega-Tech, have created the City of Tomorrow – a retro-futuristic 60s flavoured technological paradise of automated sidewalks and robotic pets. After his brilliant ideas take a turn for the homicidal, Dr. X is fired by the company and creates one last invention – TOM, a virus designed to frazzle all the city’s circuitry.

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Crazy Advertisements

As some of you can see, advertisements have been placed on TPG without my permission.  A few months ago, WordPress contacted me in regards to a new service called, WordAds.  I would be able to run ads on TPG in the hopes of making some money.  Currently, we cannot run ads due to being on free hosting provided by WordPress.  I responded by asking if I would be in control of these advertisements.  I was told WordPress would be in total control of the placement, type and functionality.  I politely declined.  Now for some unknown reason, I received an e-mail from WordPress stating, “I just noticed that WordAds were not active on your site but I just manually made the change.”   An e-mail has been sent to WordPress demanding this action be reversed.  I profusely apologize for this.  We will never run ads on TPG, in any form, which are not directly related to PC gaming or PC technology.

Play PC Games In Flawless Widescreen

Thanks to Widescreen Gaming Forum contributor, Hayden, you can now play games with proper UltraWide/Surround/Eyefinity resolutions.  You can grab version 1.0.5 of the application from his website, Flawless Widescreen.  Some of the games currently supported are: Diablo III, Starcraft II, RAGE, Ridge Racer Unbound, Skyrim, The Witcher 2 along wither older games like Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect.

The Online Backpacker Part 2

By – Stuart Young

Greetings from the world of MMO gaming! In this series, I’m exploring the strange land of massively multiplayer gaming from the perspective of a complete newcomer. In Part One, I ventured onto the shores of Star Wars: The Old Republic (but not before being forcibly detained at the customs desk of registration, installation and patching). Once I’d arrived, I found unfamiliar territory indeed, with mechanics and an interface that left me mildly bamboozled. In this part, I’ll continue to document my travels and travails in TOR, as I begin to get to grips with the game systems and encounter a few surprises.

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Help Plug The Holes In Drip Drip

Imminent Games asks you to help buildings and other structures from being damaged by flooding in their indie title, Drip Drip.  Take on several point-and-click challenges as you travel in 24  cities (maybe Salt Lake will be available in future DLC) within the United States.  You can view the trailer here and check out screen shots here.

Drip Drip will be available soon on Mac and PC.

Torchlight II Preview

By Mike Bezek

A few weeks ago, I was a virgin. I remained untouched by the devious, yet loving hands of a genre known to many as more of a contractual commitment then a loving relationship. A very selfish lover, it required many long nights of sweaty, dexterous finger movements to simply make my life a tiny bit easier in the long run.  The more I understood it, the more I came to love the tiny nuances that made such a simple concept executed in masterful fashion.  Now, get your mind out of the gutter, because I am talking about the take no prisoners methodology of dungeon-crawlers, specifically: Torchlight 2.

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Gratuitous Tank Battles Review

By – Kyle Johnson

It seems as though with every year that passes, quite a few games arrive announcing they each have “returned to gaming’s roots, bringing fun and a challenge back to gamers.” Though neither of these are bad in terms of gameplay, most gamers play games because they find games entertaining.  Failing that, thought-provoking or even the unabashedly silly game also appeals to many a gamer.  As is such, the title of Positech Games’ Gratuitous Tank Battles would imply irreverent and chaotic fun, but eventually comes across as anything but.

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Amazon Plentiful Paradox Package

Amazon is offering six great Paradox Interactive titles for the grand total of $12.50.  This pack includes: Crusader Kings II, Magicka Collection, Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC, Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter, Swords of the Star – Complete Collection and  Victoria II.  You can also read our interview with Arrowhead on Magicka and George’s take on Crusader Kings II.

Unfortunately, this deal is US-Only.

The Online Backpacker: Discovering MMOs

By: Stuart Young

I’ve been a PC gamer since before ‘Massively Multiplayer’ was anything other than two words that sound a bit silly together. Yet ever since their inception, I’ve never played an MMO. It can be put down to a number of reasons: a fear of being sucked in, an aversion to games without a fixed ending, impenetrable-sounding game mechanics or just me being unsociable. Because of this, WoW, Eve, Guild Wars et al have all passed me by. MMOs are something other people do, a curiosity hovering in the periphery of my gaming vision.

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New Site Design Beta Testers

Our readers are the most important aspect we have.  You are the reason TPG is still kicking after being online for almost one year.  We are growing everyday and the future looks bright and exciting.  We would be honored if you would take the time to assist us in how we design our new home.  If you are interested in testing the new layout, please send an e-mail to admin @ truepcgaming dot com with “Site Beta Tester” as the Subject Line.  Once again, you can look over this post to get an idea of how we want to present the new TPG.  We will be sending out the link to our new digs in the coming weeks as we are still in an early Alpha stage.

Thanks in advance,

TPG Staff

GeoSaga: Health and Mana

Most of you know our own George Weidman has been bicycling across the Southern US starting in Atlanta, Georgia and finishing in San Diego, CA.  It has already been 50 days since he began his journey.  Now, just before the end, George reflects on the all important question of, “Why?”.  One of the answers lies within the storytelling and atmosphere surrounding the Mojave Wasteland.  For those of you inclined to do so, please post your well wishes on his site.

TPG Daily Links: To Click Or Not To Click

Today the world of the internet brings you various happenings within the personal computing industry.  Some of the stories include: the fanless PSU, a rundown on the new GeForce 690, the latest Ubuntu distro, Binary Domain performance analysis, and a spectacular trailer from the upcoming indie title, Reset.

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Site Issues

We are currently seeing an issue where only the last seven posts are being displayed on the home page with no links to “Older Entries”.  Support e-mails have been sent to WordPress and we are waiting on a reply.

UPDATE: WordPress decided to make a change to how certain themes handled front pages posts.  This was done without gathering any opinions or feedback from those who use these themes and implemented by WordPress last month in a sectioned roll out.  We are now trying to use a workaround to fix this.

UPDATE 2: Stand down Red Alert.  Using this workaround, we were able to get the main page to show our normal 20 posts.  However, even after clicking “Load More Posts” the site does not load any further.  We will work on fixing that as well.

TPG Is Looking For Writers

TruePCGaming is now looking for additional Content Providers to write articles, reviews, previews and conduct interviews in the world of PC gaming including the Mac and Linux platforms.  At the moment, we are looking for two (2) writers to join our team.  Details and more information below.

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PC Gaming: A Positive Look

By Adam Ames

PC gaming has come under fire in recent years due to how most developers and publishers view the PC as a gaming platform and the distrust this has caused in PC gamers.  With the many issues facing PC gaming from atrocious DRM schemes along with piracy and poor ports, this platform has left a bad taste in the mouths of PC gamers across the world.  While most of the negativity is rightfully justified, there are many areas where PC gaming still shines bright.

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How Television Gets Gaming and Technology Wrong

There are probably plenty of doctors who cringe at the dialogue from medical television shows.   Just as many real law enforcement officers yell at their TV screens because of the way a character is holding a gun or how they enter a residence during a bust.  For gamers, it is when gaming and technology is portrayed as something far beyond what can be accomplished today.  Whether writers of these shows truly have no idea how technology works, or they present ideas knowing it will garner a reaction from the gaming crowd, they remain entertaining.  The following clips will make you cry, laugh and punch your monitor all at the same time.

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