TPG Cast Episode 11: Wadjet Eye Games

Adam Ames and Armaan Khan are joined by special guest, Wadjet Eye Games founder, Dave Gilbert.  In this episode, Dave switches between his developer and publisher hats to give fascinating insight into what it takes to run both ends of the PC gaming spectrum.  Dave also goes into detail about heavily discounted game sales, Steam and much more.

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Running Time: 1 hour, 9 minutes.

TPG Cast Episode 10: Off Topic

For our tenth TPG Cast, Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames decide to tone things down a bit with some off topic discussion.  In the beginning though, Adam tells his horror story about GFWL then goes on to talk about the lack of quality customer service.  Phil then shines happiness on the cast by bringing up the fast food differences between Germany and the US.  You can download direct on Dropbox or listen via YouTube.

Running Time: 1 hour, 2 minutes.  Up Next: Dave Gilbert from Wadjet Eye Games

TPG Cast Episode 9: GOG Interview With Trevor Longino

Adam Ames and Phil Cordaro talk with Marketing and PR Manager for, Trevor Longino about all things digital distribution.  Trevor also speaks on his discomfort with massively discounted PC gaming sales and how GOG researchers deal with finding info on old titles.  Adam asks about the difficulty convincing developers to embrace DRM-free while Phil brings up why GOG seems to be alone in global flat-rate pricing.  In addition, Trevor talks a bit about the shift in bringing indies and modern titles to GOG.  Plus much, much more.  Oh yes, according to Trevor, Carmageddon is still coming to GOG soon.

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Running Time: 1 hour, 22 minutes.

TPG Cast Episode 8: Indie Gaming With RockLeeSmile

Adam Ames and Phil Cordaro chat with Nick Reineke creator of the YouTube Channel, Indie Impressions.  Nick talks about the motivation for covering indie titles, his thoughts on the indie scene and his seven year tenure at GameStop.   Later on, Adam gets Nick to speak about the self promotion and marketing for Indie Impressions.  Sparked by GameSpot, Phil then goes off on a fiery rant for everything retail.  Finally, Nick talks about his time modding the crazy platformer, Super Meat Boy.

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Running Time: 1 hour, 17 minutes

TPG Cast Episode 7: Overrated PC Games With ThePCElitist

Woodsie and Sheppard from the YouTube Channel, ThePCElitist, speak their mind with Adam and Phil by disagreeing with critically acclaimed PC games.   The guys also chime in on their favorite broken PC games.  Also, Sheppard introduces Adam and Phil to the, “Goonie Rule”.  Meanwhile, Adam finally finds a friend in the PC gaming sports world.   Towards the end, things get a little cheesy as Phil defends the integrity of Kraft Singles while Adam goes on about a world where TPG is sponsored by Tillamook.

You can download direct via Dropbox or listen on YouTube.

Running Time: 1 hour, 21 minutes.

TPG Cast Episode 6: Linux Gaming and DRM

Ethan Lee from flibitijibibo (The Big Steam List of 3rd Party DRM and Steam on Linux) takes both Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames to school on all things Linux.  Ethan starts by talking about the origins behind his site and motivation in porting games to Linux.  In the end, Ethan tells his harrowing tale of losing 100GB of data thanks to SecuRom.  Finally, the most important aspect to this show was the realization that we call could use more downloadable RAM.  Ethan would also like to thank Josh Bush for his contributions in designing and maintenance of flibitijibibo.

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Running Time: 1 hour, 19 minutes.

Upcoming TPG Cast Release Schedule

We are five episodes into our new TPG Cast and finally feel we have our sea legs under us.  We wanted to make everyone aware of what you can expect from us as we begin this new chapter of TPG.  Below you will read our release schedule for July and a few bullet points about how we would like to present the show.  All of our previous casts can be found here.

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TPG Cast Episode 5: PC Gaming Regional Conundrum

Phil takes Adam on a lesson of regional gaming economics as he explains the pitfalls of being a PC gamer living in Germany.  Adam and Phil then begin to discuss PC gaming headaches when the conversation turns to the lack of quality female gaming characters.  To close the show, Adam talks about the fun of Just Cause 2 and Phil speaks on Analogue: A Hate Story.  Download direct via Dropbox or listen via YouTube.

Running Time: 1 hour, 8 minutes

TPG Cast Episode 4: Dustforce Interview

Adam Ames talks with Hitbox Team to discuss the success of their great platforming title, Dustforce.  You will learn why the team turned down a publishing deal, how a head of lettuce inspired sound design, their relationship with Valve, Dustforce sales numbers,  post-launch support, level editor release and so much more.

You can download direct via Dropbox or listen on YouTube.

Running Time: 1 hour, 18 minutes

TPG Cast Episode 3: PC Modding & Your Questions Answered

In this edition of TPG Cast, Adam spends the first portion of the show answering your questions about the site, the writers, relationships with developers and all things TPG.  Later on, Phil speaks about his love for PC modding and burning hate for tacked-on DLC. Adam’s favorite Mexican dish is also revealed and the answer will no doubt shock all who listen.  Download direct via Dropbox or listen on YouTube.

Running Time: 1 hour, 14 minutes.

TPG Cast Episode 2: Hardcore vs Casual

Adam Ames and Phil Cordaro along with special guest, Armaan Khan, highlight TPG Cast Episode 2.  In this edition, the boys give their take on the casual vs hardcore debate, why Phil hates “fake” difficulty, Armaan’s distaste for puzzle games and Adam’s terrible joke which causes a rain of boos to descend from all parts of the globe.  You can download direct from DropBox or listen via YouTube.  We are still working on devoting an set time and date for these to be available.

Running Time: 63 minutes

TPG Cast Episode 1: The Beginning

Adam Ames and Phil Cordaro kick off Episode 1 of our internet talk show, TPG Cast.  You will learn about how both of them got into PC gaming, thoughts on PC demos and their take on poorly optimized PC controls.  Also, Adam talks a little bit about the site and gives a big thanks to all TPG fans.  Give us a listen by downloading here via DropBox.  Keep in mind, this is our first show so please post your thoughts in the comments section to provide feedback.  EDIT: You can also listen to our cast on YouTube.

Filesize: 60MB

Format: MP3 128kbps/16hz

Length: 66 Minutes