From time to time, we will work with developers who offer up free games for TPG readers using various contest methods, usually in the form of a personal story or moment.  We will never ask you to follow us on Twitter or pretend to like us on Facebook.  You can view our present, future and past contests below.

May 2012

The Witcher 2 – Geralt For A Day

Star Prospector Giveaway

Old School GOG Giveaway

Torchlight Giveaway

April 2012

Double Pack Indie Giveaway: Your Worst Virus Ordeal

Weekend Giveaway Extravaganza

March 2012

Beyond Good and Evil – Your Favorite PC Gaming Character

Diablo III – Your Saddest Hardcore Character Story

DOTA 2 – Best Valve Gaming Moment

Paradox Bundle – Your Finest Strategy Moment

February 2012

New Vegas Ultimate Edition – Your Biggest PC Gaming Regret

Defender’s Quest – Against All Odds

Wanderlust – Your Favorite RPG Plot Twist

January 2012

Xotic –  Your Greatest Arcade High Score

Dustforce – Your Worst PC Cleaning Horror Story

QUBE – Your Most Embarrassing Puzzle Solving Moment

December 2011

RAGE – Which Three PC Games Do You Take Underground?

Skyrim – Your Favorite Bethesda Game Moment

Monster RPG 2 – Your Favorite JRPG Moment

November 2011

Hard Reset – Favorite FPS Moment

The Witcher 2 – One Sentence Review Challenge

October 2011

Trine 2 – Best Real Life Co-Op Moment

Defenders of Ardania – Funniest “Duh” Moment

Lonesome Road – One Sentence Review

September 2011

Blocks That Matter – Name Game Challenge

August 2011

Space Pirates and Zombies – One Sentence Review

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