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Here at TruePCGaming, we present our reviews differently than other media outlets.  While reviews of any kind are the subjective opinions of one person, we believe the current scoring system used by the video game industry does not accurately reflect the true value of a game.  TruePCGaming will base its “score” on one simple premise: Is this game worth your money.  With the recent trend of big development studios increasing their PC price point to $59.99, the current US economic climate, along with the conversion rates in Europe and Australia, it is as important as ever to get the best bang for your buck.  In our ValueScore section, TruePCGaming will end all reviews by informing its readers if the game was worth the price of admission.  PC games are simply a different animal and we will dig deep to offer technical analysis of how the game plays and feels on the PC.

In addition to the ValueScore, TruePCGaming will also outline the following areas:

Time Played – The exact amount of time the reviewer put into the game.

Widescreen Support – Was proper widescreen support available at launch.

5.1 Audio Support – Was proper 5.1 support available at launch.

Bugs/Crashes Encountered – What, if any, bugs or crashes did the reviewer experience.

Control Scheme – Does the control scheme work well for the PC platform

– The type of DRM used.

System Specs – List the PC components (video card and driver version, RAM, CPU) the reviewer used to play the game.

Game Acquisition Method – We will always let you know how we received our games.  In most cases, we buy the games ourselves, but sometimes developers will offer copies to us for review purposes or as a thank you for posting an interview.

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  7. This is a good start. It’s interesting that you are outlining widescreen and 5.1 audio support, but there are other PC gaming specifics that are just as, if not more, important. Things like proper mouse controls (defeatable acceleration?) and flexible keyboard+mouse mappings. Considering that mouse and keyboard is probably the most common/unique to PC gaming it’s amazing how their implementation can be absymal in otherwise fine games (eg: Assassin’s Creed 2 PC with its undefeatable mouse acceleration).

    There is a decent site out there that tracks these fundamental features for many PC versions of multiplatform games:

    I am not affiliated with that site.

    • That is a good site. Thanks for bringing in to our attention. We do go into detail about the control scheme for the games we review and if it works for the PC. We polished up this section a few weeks ago and forgot to keep the control bit in. The worst recent offenders in mind with poor mouse control were Dead Space and Ghostbusters. I played Dead Space for 2 hours before giving up. When I researched the problem as I saw it, I was inundated with, “Just turn off V-Sync. It plays fine after that.” or “Use a gamepad.” Obviously if my platform of choice is a PC, I should not have to use a gamepad, especially when playing a twitch shooter like Dead Space. I loved the UI and atmosphere, but due to the terrible controls, I never finished it. Ghostbusters was more of the same.

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