A Valley Without Wind Review

By Armaan Khan

How do you describe A Valley Without Wind? It’s an action-platformer-shoot-em-up that puts you in the role of a world-saving “glyphbearer” living in a post-apocalyptic world. Your goal, ostensibly, is to bring down the evil overlord and his lieutenants who are oppressing the continent you call home, but in reality you’re just exploring around having fun killing and collecting stuff for countless hours. It’s a delightfully addictive grind-fest worthy of your dollars, provided you have the time to devote to it.

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From Grandma Plays It to Ultra Hardcore: A Valley Without Wind Interview

Conducted By Adam Ames

The gang from Arcen Games (pictured above left to right: Pablo, Hunter, Chris, Marisa and Erik) just released their newest title, A Valley Without Wind.  Founder, Chris Park, took some time after the big moment to speak to TPG about what it took to develop, AVWW.   You will read about his origins in the modding community, setting difficulty levels, the do’s and dont’s of being a successful indie, thoughts on the PC industry and more.

Here is a taste:

Where did the idea for A Valley Without Wind come from?

CP: There wasn’t really one central idea from which the entire game sprang.  We wanted to make an adventure game in an interesting world, and we wanted to have choices matter over the long haul.  We also wanted tactical depth to the combat.  So we started prototyping ways of accomplishing those goals, and just kept refining that — with massive help from our playerbase during beta — until things felt right.  Fifteen months of that was a long road, for sure!

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