A Virus Named TOM Review

By Stuart Young

A Virus Named TOM is a tight little puzzle game with a neat twist. You play as TOM, a computer virus created by the archetypical deranged genius Dr. X. Thanks to Dr. X’s innovations, his erstwhile employers, Mega-Tech, have created the City of Tomorrow – a retro-futuristic 60s flavoured technological paradise of automated sidewalks and robotic pets. After his brilliant ideas take a turn for the homicidal, Dr. X is fired by the company and creates one last invention – TOM, a virus designed to frazzle all the city’s circuitry.

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A Virus Named TOM Set To Infect August 1st

Misfits Attic has announced an official release date for their charming indie puzzler, A Virus Named TOM.  On August 1st, computers throughout the gaming world will be put on alert as TOM begins to spread.  The last beta trailer has also been released which gives you a sneak peak at what you can expect.  You can also read up on what Omar thought of his run with the beta a few months ago.

A Virus Named TOM will be available via Desura, Steam and the official site.

A Virus Named Tom Preview

By – Omar Khan

For those of you who aren’t particularly fantastic at puzzle games, no need to worry. If A Virus Named Tom’s Matrix-esque aesthetics don’t win you over, its ‘n00b mode’ is sure to tickle your fancy. Coupled with generous helpings of skip tokens, simply being useless at puzzle games is no longer an excuse to not give this game a go.  A great sense of humor, good voice acting fun gameplay and funktastic music makes Misfits Attic’s A Virus Named Tom a fun and memorable puzzle game.

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Double Pack Indie Giveaway: Your Worst Virus Ordeal

Thanks to the fine gents at Misfits Attic and Almost Human Games who were kind enough to provide TPG with contest codes for this promotion.  We are giving away three (3) codes each for A Virus Named Tom and Legends of Grimrock.  To enter, tell us about a time when you, or someone you know, got a nasty virus which crippled a PC.  Did you go to extreme measures to conquer the virus?  Did you spend countless hours trying to clean the system only to admit defeat and have to reformat?  We want to know!  Your story could net you a copy of both games.

Rules and details are inside.

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A Virus Named Tom Trailer #2

The development team know as, Misfits Attic, have released a new trailer for their upcoming action puzzler, A Virus Named Tom.  You can view the trailer here and also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  The art style and gameplay look great and we are looking forward to more from Misfits Attic.  Tom is set to release destruction in April on Steam and OnLive.