Amazon Plentiful Paradox Package

Amazon is offering six great Paradox Interactive titles for the grand total of $12.50.  This pack includes: Crusader Kings II, Magicka Collection, Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC, Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter, Swords of the Star – Complete Collection and  Victoria II.  You can also read our interview with Arrowhead on Magicka and George’s take on Crusader Kings II.

Unfortunately, this deal is US-Only.

Amazon Game Downloads Mayhem Event

Amazon is once again offering some very nice sales and trying very hard to become a player in the digital distribution market.  This time around, publishers participating include: Electronic Arts, 2K, SEGA, Square Enix and more.  Keep in mind, Amazon is selling both Steam and Non-Steam versions of some games.  Here just a few of the awesome discounted titles.

Serious Sam 3 ($9.99), Bioshock ($4.99), Bioshock 2 ($4.99), Civ IV ($7.49), SimCity 4 ($4.99), Mafia ($2.49) and Mafia II ($7.49).

Amazon Dungeon Siege & Deus Ex Sale

Amazon is offering Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $7.99 and Dungeon Siege 3 available for $4.99.  Both titles will activate on Steam.  It seems Amazon is right up there with Steam and other digital distribution platforms when it comes to recent sales.  For those interested, you read our interview with the voice of Adam Jensen, Elias Toufexis.

Amazon Spring Sale – LA Noire, Dragon Age, Serious Sam 3 and More

Amazon is offering 50-75% off over 150 PC titles until April 15th.  Here are a just a few of more high-profile games available: LA Noire – $4.99, Metro 2003 – $4.99, Space Marine – $9.99, Serious Sam 3 – $12.00, Darksiders – $4.99, MLB 2K12 – $19.99, Dragon Age I & II – $9.99 and Kingdoms of Amalur – $39.99.  Amazon also has a ton of casual games starting at $2.99.

Before throwing down your money, read up on the adventures of Armaan in LA Noire and what Mike Bezek had to say about Serious Sam 3.

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Amazon THQ Sale: Metro 2033, Darksiders, STALKER and More

Amazon is currently holding a sale on select THQ published titles ranging from 50-75% off.  You can pick up Metro 2033, Darksiders, STALKER  and Company of Heroes for the rock bottom price of five dollars.  For an extra five, Space Marine and Homefront become available.  Lastly, Saint’s Row 3 is 50% off dropping the price to $24.99.

Various DLC is also on sale.

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Amazon Sports and Sega Sale

Amazon is offering up deals on sports titles and select Sega games.  You can grab NBA 2K12 for $9.99 and FIFA 12 comes in at $19.99.  The Sega deals include: Sonic Generations for a low $7.42, Renegade Ops for $7.49, the 48-game Sega Mega Arcade Pack at a mind-blowing $7.49 along with various other titles.  It appears Sonic Generations and Renegade Ops can be activated via Steam.

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Amazon Game Downloads Encore Day

Amazon is running a one-day special on select downloadable PC games until 11:59pm PST tonight.  The games available include: Crysis 2 ($9.99), Sid Meier’s Civilization V ($8.99), Bulletstorm ($7.99), Alice: Madness Returns ($7.49), Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit ($7.99) and others.  Also, if you purchased a PC game from Amazon in November or December, you should have gotten a $5.00 off coupon code to be used after January 1st.  You can use this code towards a purchase during this sale with the exception of Dead Space and Burnout: Paradise.

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