A Supergiant Leap of Faith: Bastion Interview

Conducted By Adam Ames

Independent video game studio, Supergiant, released Bastion on Steam one month ago to rave reviews.  TPG has the opportunity to speak with Greg Kasavin, the Creative Director behind Bastion.  Greg speaks about how Bastion came to be, life as an independent developer, DRM, piracy, US Senate Bill S.978 and much more.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role with the development of Bastion.

I’m creative director at Supergiant Games, which in practice makes me a writer / designer on the team. I did the writing and story work in Bastion, and also built roughly half of the levels in the game, among other things. We’re a relatively small team of seven people so everyone is responsible for big portions of the project. I’ve wanted to make games since I was a little kid and Bastion is the first game I’ve worked on in a writer / creative director capacity, where I got to devise the world and the characters and so on, so this project was especially important to me.

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Bastion Review: One For The Ages

By Mike Bezek

Lives undone, a history unraveled, a world broken. A silent hero takes up arms to repair the devastation and reap the nonexistent rewards of a thankless job. It’s the classic formula for all of our favorite childhood games, isn’t it? But this time, the approach is different. The setting is serious, the story becomes personal, and the player is emotionally invested before they even know it. The coupling of exquisite gameplay and immersive storytelling is the creation of people who want to perfect the genre. Bastion is a game that takes those who think games are for children and spins their argument on its head. For all the childish romps that fuel the arguments of the naysayers, finally, here is the antithesis.

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