Dark Scavenger Review

By: Armaan Khan

There’s a bit of confusion these days about what the term “indie” means. We had the latest Humble Indie Bundle feature the 13-million-dollar budgeted Psychonauts alongside the less-expensive but no more “indie” Bastion. Then, before that, billion-dollar Epic Games declared themselves to be “big indie.” Indie news channels are being clogged with news about professional game developers who’ve formed micro-studios and use the indie label as a marketing ploy to hype their work. It’s a bad trend because it’s taking the spotlight away from teams like Psydra, who embody the true meaning of the term “indie”, and have created a wonderful—and woefully neglected—little RPG called Dark Scavenger.

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Dark Scavenger Released

From the far reaches of North America, Psydra Games, has fired a digital bullet in our direction regarding the release of their new turn-based adventure game, Dark Scavenger.  You can download the demo or make your purchase on the official site.  The game will also be available via GamersGate later today.   More information, screen shots and trailer inside.

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