The Thunder Rolls: Drip Drip Interview

Conducted By Adam Ames

TPG interviews Thomas Konkol, head of Imminent Games, and developer of the upcoming title, Drip Drip.  You will read about how Thomas got started in PC gaming development with Dragon’s Lair 3D, his thoughts on piracy, DRM and other industry topics, why a cross-country trip through the United States is responsible for his game vision, difficulties with low-end PCs and much more.

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Help Plug The Holes In Drip Drip

Imminent Games asks you to help buildings and other structures from being damaged by flooding in their indie title, Drip Drip.  Take on several point-and-click challenges as you travel in 24  cities (maybe Salt Lake will be available in future DLC) within the United States.  You can view the trailer here and check out screen shots here.

Drip Drip will be available soon on Mac and PC.