Words For The Weekend: The Best PC Gaming Bang For Your Buck

By Adam Ames

Here at TPG, we strive to present our readers with the best PC gaming choices especially when it comes to your money.  We complied a list of games currently ten dollars or less which we feel offer superior value in terms of play time, story and fun factor.  Keep in mind these are just a few of many fantastic titles available at the ten-dollar price point so we recommend shopping around before throwing down your cash.  Sure, you could go out and grab some burgers from the local fast food joint, but why not play it safe, stay indoors and bask in the greatness that is PC gaming on the cheap.

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Visual Noise: A Criticism of HUDs

By: George Weidman

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Two observations that I’ve made over the past few weeks are that playing Fallout: New Vegas with the HUD turned off is great. Also, virtually all games look better and play better without an HUD. I personally urge all gamers to try this it least once: go HUDless. The rewards are immediate and delicious.

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