GamersGate Summer Sale: Week 1

Do not put away your wallets just yet.  GamersGate has launches its own Summer Sale with the focus of Week 1 being on the RPG genre.  Notable titles include: Mass Effect 3 for $29.98, Titan Quest Gold for $3.99 and Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition coming in at $14.98.  If you are not familiar with how GamersGate works, read up on their business practices in the FAQ.  You can also check out our interview with GamersGate CEO, Theodore Bergquist.  Our friends in the UK can get these deals here.

IndieFort Bundle 2

GamersGate has launched their IndieFort Bundle #2 which includes six games from up-and-coming indie developers.  Fortix 2, 3079, Aztaka, Dark Scavenger (you can read Armaan’s review directly below this entry), Intrusion 2 and DEMISE: Ascension are all available for the asking price of $5.99.  Any dollar amount above the $5.99 goes directly to the developers.

GamersGate Announces IndieFort Bundle

GamersGate has introduced a bundle of six indie games available on their site for the rock bottom price of six bucks.  The games available in this bundle are Kenshi, Steel Storm, Cardinal Quest, Wanderlust, Devil Whiskey and Black Market.

For further reading, check out our interviews with the developers responsible for Cardinal Quest and Wanderlust.

GamersGate Interview With CEO Theodore Bergquist

-Conducted by Adam Ames

TPG had the great privilege to interview the CEO of GamersGate, Theodore Bergquist.  Theo spends time talking about the future of digital distribution, his competition, interacting with publishers and developers, pricing, their upcoming service, FreeGames and much more.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role with the development of GamersGate.

I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’ve built, sold and acquired companies for the past 15 years. Most of them are self funded “labor of love” projects that has grown into companies. Nowadays I’m the CEO and major shareholder of GamersGate.

Where did the idea for GamersGate come from?

Five years ago when I owned and managed Paradox Interactive (a strategy games publisher) my side kick and deputy Fredrik Wester came up with the idea to launch Paradox on Demand, a download service for our own games. It was such a good business that we decided to put it in a separate entity and invite 3rd party publishers to sell their games there too. As a niche player it is tough to get into retail with a fairly small title and suddenly all our fans could buy games direct from us.

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