Get Games May Day Sale

In celebration of the European holiday, May Day, GetGames is offering some great deals on PC games.  Some of titles on sale include: Human Revolution, Serious Sam 3 and FEAR 3 for the low price of $9.99 each.  You can find the complete listing here.  All of the mentioned games above require Steam activation.  Yes, even us Yanks can get in on the money saving fun too.

Get Games’ GIANT 24-Hour Extra Day Sale

To celebrate the 29th day of February, which only comes once every four years, Get Games is holding a 24-Hour sale.with 29 great titles on sale ranging from 66%-80% off normal prices.  Notables include: Arkham City for $24.99, Serious Sam 3 for $19.99, DiRT 3 for $9.99, Deus Ex: HR for $20.39 and Frozen Synapse for $4.99.

Below is full list of participating titles.

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