Ghost Whisperer Review

By – Armaan Khan

I haven’t watched television since 2005. Anything I know about what’s on has been gleaned either from listening to the casual conversations of others and then researching it further on Wikipedia. This is why the only things I know about the Ghost Whisperer TV series is that it stars that cutie from Party of Five, and it’s about ghosts. It also aired for five seasons, which means it must have been better than Firefly, which is probably why Legacy Interactive chose to license the property and turn it into a video game.

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Ghost Whisperer Developer Interview

Conducted By Adam Ames

The popular American TV show, Ghost Whisperer, which ran for five seasons from 2005-2010 is now set to continue the story of Melinda Gordon and friends in a Legacy Interactive PC HOG release simply entitled, Ghost Whisperer.  Donald Marshall, Creative Director from Legacy, gives us a preview on the development of their TV adaptation.  You will read how Ghost Whisperer found its way to the PC and much more.  Here is a taste:

How much value do you place on the opinions of those who review Ghost Whisperer professionally?

It’s a mixed bag. We’ve had some reviewers review our game after playing the latest Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto and treat us very poorly, and others that give us rave reviews who have never played a hidden object game before. Our games are about relaxation, about a “zen” experience, not about pulse pounding adrenaline. Too many reviewers don’t understand the casual games market, and then penalize us for not making games that fit their expectations on what a first person shooter or real time strategy game should be. We make good, story based casual games – the reviewers familiar with the market usually have good feedback on the subject, but too many don’t understand what it is we do.

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