Kerbal Space Program Reaches v0.14

Squad is back in the news to let everyone know those adorable Kerbals have reached version 0.14.  The new update adds support for multiple simultaneous flights, more crew members, a new in-game update system, saved game feature and several bug fixes.  The full change log can be viewed here.  You can try out Kerbal Space Program by download the demo, and afterwards, buy the full game.

Kerbal Space Program Review

By: Armaan Khan

Is it still cool to dream about being an astronaut? Space seems so passé these days but, man, when I was a kid it was the tops. I would watch the shuttle launches on TV and dream about one day going up into the black myself. I never did quite get there, but it’s okay now because indie developer Squad has produced Kerbal Space Program to fill that void in my dreams. KSP puts you in charge of the space program for the planet Kerbin and while it’s far from complete (the current version is 0.13), it already provides hours of fun with the promise of more as updates are released.

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Kerbal Space Program Launches Into v0.13

Squad has officially released version 0.13 of their the fun-filled rocket building sim, Kerbal Space Program.  This update addresses performance issues, loading times and also adds a few new features.  The release also marks the end of their free-to-play period with updates.  Those who pay the sum of 7 dollars will receive free updates from now on and version 0.13 will be left as a full playing demo.  You can read the full changelog here and check out the interview we did with Squad in August here.

Kerbal Space Program Developer Interview

The gang is all here for this e-mail interview with the boys at Squad, developers of the new Windows PC gaming sensation, and soon to be released on OS X, Kerbal Space ProgramYou will get their take on the beginning of KSP, DRM, piracy, digital distribution, modding and much more.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role with the development of Kerbal Space Program.

Felipe Falanghe:

I’m 26 years old, born in Brazil, and currently living in Mexico. I am the lead developer for the Kerbal Space Program, which is a game concept I’ve had with me for a long time now. I’m still a little dumbfounded by having been given the opportunity to put this pet project of mine into practice, and I’m really in a daze now, seeing the incredible reception the game has had.

Alejandro Mora:

I’m 22 years old, born and living in Mexico. I am the programmer of Kerbal Space Program game and also contributed with some ideas for its development. I’m a Computer Technologies Engineer and I love video game programming. I am really excited for the response that KSP have with players around the world, this is so great.

Jacobo Rosas:

I’m  29 years old, born in Mexico. I am the content designer for the Kerbal Space Program, I´m the newcomer in the team but I think this is an awesome project. Right now we have a lot of work to produce content for the game, but it’s so great to see the response from the people about it.

Ezequiel Ayarza, 35, Adrian Goya, 31

We are owners of Squad and the executive producers of KSP. Our role was to hold on, believe and support Felipe’s dream.

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