TPG Cast Episode 6: Linux Gaming and DRM

Ethan Lee from flibitijibibo (The Big Steam List of 3rd Party DRM and Steam on Linux) takes both Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames to school on all things Linux.  Ethan starts by talking about the origins behind his site and motivation in porting games to Linux.  In the end, Ethan tells his harrowing tale of losing 100GB of data thanks to SecuRom.  Finally, the most important aspect to this show was the realization that we call could use more downloadable RAM.  Ethan would also like to thank Josh Bush for his contributions in designing and maintenance of flibitijibibo.

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Running Time: 1 hour, 19 minutes.

List Of Linux Games On Steam

With the Steam Summer Sale now upon us, it would be a good time for Linux users, or those interested in Linux, to know what you can expect from Linux supported games on Steam.  Thanks to creators of (Ethan Lee and Josh Bush) plus the overall community, you can access this list of Linux titles.  While Steam does not yet have an official Linux version, you can follow these steps to install Steam via Wine.

Trine 2 Releases On Linux

Frozenbyte has announced Trine 2 is now available for Linux users.  Trine 2 is $14.99 for the regular edition and $24.99 gets you the Collector’s Edition complete with soundtrack and art book.  Here is a piece of their press release:

The Linux version of Trine 2 includes all the features available in the game, including online co-op. Once the game moves out of the beta phase, the Linux version will also be able to play multiplayer with Mac users. A variety of recent distributions are supported, including Ubuntu 10.10/11.04/11.10, Fedora 16, OpenSUSE 12.1 and Linux Mint 12. Other distributions could work as well but may require additional library installations manually. The Linux version will also come to other distribution channels later in the year, including Desura™ and Gameolith.

List of PC Gaming Digital Distribution Stores

The popularity of digital distribution has skyrocketed over the last few years.  In 2011 alone, we saw several new stores throw their virtual hats into the ring.  Although we are saddened by the downfall of PC gaming as a retail buying option, we understand the convenience digital distribution has to offer.  From the obvious to the obscure, the following list is a good starting point to help you discover the vast amount of digital distribution options.

Please note: This list does not include bundle sites such as: Humble Indie Bundle, Indie Royale or Indie Gala.  It also does not cover developer run stores like Her Interactive or Blizzard.  In addition, stores listed as supporting Linux and Mac may not have every title available on those platforms.

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