Marble Popping Maddness: Luxor: 5th Passage Interview

Conducted by Adam Ames

Josh Spigener from MumboJumbo and Lead Producer on the great title, LUXOR 5th Passage, gives us detailed look into the life of a PC games developer.  Josh also talks about DRM, piracy, how Luxor came to be and much more.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role with the development of Luxor: 5th Passage.

I began my career in video games in the QA department of MumboJumbo as a tester for the games we develop and publish for the PC, Mac, Nintendo platforms, and iOS. Starting at the entry-level of game development exposed me to a sample of all aspects of game development. Since LUXOR is our flagship title, I’ve done my share of testing and logged countless hours playing it. As the position became available for a producer for the new LUXOR, I brought lots of experience playing LUXOR, along with some ideas on updating the franchise and bringing something new.

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