Defend Your Planet: Mini Robot Wars

By Nicholas Krawchuk

Some games are completely unique while some have minor similarities.  Others take a formula that is proven to work and either modify or take it to the next level.  These games are often known as clones, and Mini Robot Wars is exactly that. The developer, Picsoft Studio, based the their effort on the popular Plants Vs. Zombies.  This time though, instead of plants versus zombies, it’s robots versus bigger robots, known as Machines.  Plenty of different units, lots of upgrades and countless enemies trying to break through your defenses are all here in this tower defense adventure.

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Tower Defense Mastery: Mini Robot Wars Interview

The fellas from Picsoft Studio, creators of the great indie title, Mini Robot Wars, agreed to answers a few interview questions for us via e-mail.  You will get their opinions on DRM, piracy, indie bundle promotions and where Mini Robot Wars came from.

1.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role with the development of Mini Robot Wars.

Soun:    I’m the Producer and Lead Designer of Mini Robot Wars. I’m responsible for almost everything related to MRW including technical programming, art directing, sound directing, level design, and a whole lot of testing.

Wam:    I’m the Co-Producer and Writer. I help with the design idea, graphics, play testing and did all the story and text within MRW. I also do all of the promotion-related stuff.

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