Combat On The High Seas: Ironclads Developer Interview

The fellas from Totem Games agreed to answer some interview questions via e-mail about their naval combat series, Ironclads.  They talk about developing Ironclads, researching historic naval information, piracy, DRM and DLC.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role with the development of Ironclads.

My name is Maxim Ferapontov. My brother and I, Oleg, are behind Totem Games. Ironclads – this is our common work. I am responsible for the gameplay, and Oleg for all technical issues and programming. We both were responsible for the entire project and do different things. For example, I drawing interface. Oleg participated in the creation of the combat system. Everything in the game, except the ship 3D models and music made by ourselves.

Hello, my name is Oleg Ferapontov, I am a senior programmer of Ironclads.

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