TPG Cast Episode 11: Wadjet Eye Games

Adam Ames and Armaan Khan are joined by special guest, Wadjet Eye Games founder, Dave Gilbert.  In this episode, Dave switches between his developer and publisher hats to give fascinating insight into what it takes to run both ends of the PC gaming spectrum.  Dave also goes into detail about heavily discounted game sales, Steam and much more.

Download direct from Dropbox or listen via YouTube.

Running Time: 1 hour, 9 minutes.

Orcs Must Die! 2 Review

By – Omar Khan

Finding the right balance of challenge and enjoyment is key when developing a game. Sure, when you’re a child you can spend hour after hour after hour on the same level of Earthworm Jim, but as soon as exams, a job, or heaven forbid, a social life start to get in the way, the few precious hours you get alone with a game have to be engaging and fun, but also progressive.  Orcs Must Die! 2 fits this bill perfectly.

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4x Battles Await In Star Lords

Neogen2 Creations brings us word of their new 4x strategy title, Star Lords.  Take command as you seek to develop colonies, rule your empire and conquer all who oppose you.  Star Lords is currently in Alpha with a release date of Winter 2012.  You can pre-order Star Lords which entitles you to a 35% discount on the game and access to the beta and all additional updates.

Nexuiz Review

By – Carlin Au

An old school shooter built on the amazing CryEngine 3.  Sounds like a magnificent idea, doesn’t it? Surely, a combination of the new and old is bound to produce something beautiful. I’m afraid it’s only a gimmick as the engine just creates a blur around everything the player sees. Not exactly viable for a fast-paced Quake-style game.  This coupled with a small amount of players, Nexuiz simply falls short.

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Cinders Review

By Armaan Khan

Chances are good you’ve never heard of the term “visual novel.” If you have, then you either associate it with Japanese sex games or are a fan of the genre who knows better. I’ll save those in the latter category some reading and say up front that you should buy Cinders because it’s one of the best Western visual novels I’ve read. Everyone else might want to read on to find out more about this game, and the genre it occupies.

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TPG Cast Episode 8: Indie Gaming With RockLeeSmile

Adam Ames and Phil Cordaro chat with Nick Reineke creator of the YouTube Channel, Indie Impressions.  Nick talks about the motivation for covering indie titles, his thoughts on the indie scene and his seven year tenure at GameStop.   Later on, Adam gets Nick to speak about the self promotion and marketing for Indie Impressions.  Sparked by GameSpot, Phil then goes off on a fiery rant for everything retail.  Finally, Nick talks about his time modding the crazy platformer, Super Meat Boy.

Download direct via Dropbox or listen on YouTube.

Running Time: 1 hour, 17 minutes

TPG Freebie: Super Adventure Pals

From CoruptedGameStudio comes the adorable and addictive browser-based action RPG, Super Adventure Pals.   Be prepared for 75 levels, 4 boss fights and countless NPCs spanning over 3 themed cities.  You can play Super Adventure Pals via Armor Games free of charge.  If you want to know what you are getting into beforehand, check out the official trailer here.