IGB Presents The Recession Bundle

Indie Game Bundles has released their newest project, The Recession Bundle.  The goal of this bundle is to get the spotlight on lesser known developers while helping a worthy cause.  Games included are: The Cat and The Coup Dubloonl, Mighty Jill Off, Action Fist, Vidiot Game and Neverball.  The charity involved is SOS Children’s Village Croatia which provides food, shelter and education for over 250 children.

TPG Second Look: Hard Reset

By Stuart Young

Robots – they’re right up there with zombies and nazis when it comes to the most popular videogame cannon fodder. But what is it that makes them so ubiquitous? Is it the simple guilt-free pleasure that comes shooting a robot? The fact that they’re liable to expire in a magnificent explosion and a shower of sparks? There’s a bit of all of these factors being channelled into Hard Reset, a cyberpunk-styled retro FPS from Polish indie studio Flying Wild Hog, a game where you shoot nothing but robots – until, of course they explode. Yet it’s almost as satisfying the thousandth (not an exaggeration) time as it is the first.

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A Virus Named TOM Set To Infect August 1st

Misfits Attic has announced an official release date for their charming indie puzzler, A Virus Named TOM.  On August 1st, computers throughout the gaming world will be put on alert as TOM begins to spread.  The last beta trailer has also been released which gives you a sneak peak at what you can expect.  You can also read up on what Omar thought of his run with the beta a few months ago.

A Virus Named TOM will be available via Desura, Steam and the official site.

Gateways PC Review

By Omar Khan

Gateways, by Smudged Cat Games, is a puzzle/platformer that borrows heavily from the Valve series, Portal. You play as a scientist trapped in his own laboratory with no memory of how you ended up in such a situation. Starting with nothing, it’s your job, while making your escape, to gather your equipment and piece together what happened to you.  If you’re going to rehash a well-established mechanic from a beloved game series with a more than devoted fan base, you better do it well.  Gateways does it…. decently.

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Rezzed Recap

By Russell S

If you have visited most PC gaming websites recently then you may have heard mention of the Rezzed show that was in Brighton, UK. It was a PC gaming show co-hosted by Rock Paper Shotgun and Eurogamer showing off a mixed bag of games from Indie to AAA, with hourly talks by various developers including Peter Molyneux and Day Z creator Dean “Rocket” Hall.  I was at the show and Adam asked me to share my thoughts on the whole experience.

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Upcoming TPG Cast Release Schedule

We are five episodes into our new TPG Cast and finally feel we have our sea legs under us.  We wanted to make everyone aware of what you can expect from us as we begin this new chapter of TPG.  Below you will read our release schedule for July and a few bullet points about how we would like to present the show.  All of our previous casts can be found here.

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List Of Linux Games On Steam

With the Steam Summer Sale now upon us, it would be a good time for Linux users, or those interested in Linux, to know what you can expect from Linux supported games on Steam.  Thanks to creators of flibitijibibo.com (Ethan Lee and Josh Bush) plus the overall community, you can access this list of Linux titles.  While Steam does not yet have an official Linux version, you can follow these steps to install Steam via Wine.

Gamedev Bundle Is Now Live

Inspired by the subreddit, /r/gamedev (a sub forum of reddit.com for game developers), the Gamedev Bundle is now live.  Using the Pay What You Want pricing method, you will receive download links to all six games plus Desura keys.  The titles included are: Auralux, Astroslugs, Girl With a Heart of, Cardinal Quest, Pitman, and Influence.  For more information on some of the games available, check our reviews for Girl With a Heart of and Cardinal Quest, plus an interview with Rat King Entertainment, the developer behind Pitman.

Gunpoint Preview

By Armaan Khan

Before I talk about Gunpoint, I’m going to talk about guard duty. Being on guard duty is the equivalent of being in a relationship with an incredibly needy boy or girl. Every half-hour or so, depending on the importance of the thing you’re guarding, you’ll get a call to check in. If you don’t answer that call, well-armed and/or short-tempered persons will visit your position and heaven help you if there wasn’t a good reason for your silence.

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Hard Reset: Exile Free DLC Now Available

Flying Wild Hog has released the long awaited free DLC to their old school FPS Hard Reset, Exile.  This DLC gives the player five new levels, new enemies and one new boss fight.  If you already have Hard Reset installed via Steam, you should be good to go.  If not, you can download here.  In addition, you can pick up Hard Reset for the asking price of $14.99 which includes the new update.

The Computer Gaming World Museum

One of the most respected PC gaming publications, Computer Gaming World, has finished their magazine archive which is now open to the public via The Computer Gaming World Museum.  You can download every issue published from their start in 1981 to the last signing off in 2006.  Computer Gaming World set the standard by which all other PC gaming media outlets were judged.  We are very happy to see Computer Gaming World will now live on in digital form.

3D Language Learning Game: SanJiten

Rob Howland from University of Tsukuba’s Entertainment Computing Laboratory in Japan is developing a game intended to teach the player either English, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese.  In SanJiten (Japanese for “3D Dictionary”), you are asked to walk around various environments interacting with selectable objects which are displayed in the language you want to learn.  Playing the demo was a great experience and we hope to see more from Rob in the coming months.  You can check out their Kickstarter page which includes trailers, a playable demo and more.