TPG Review Classics: Freespace 2

By: Nathaniel Velliquette

I am a sucker for space games. It can be an RTS or a simulator and as long as it has spaceships, I will eat that stuff up. However, there are few that stand out as innovative or influential. Freespace 2 is one of these few. Nearly thirteen years old, it infuriates me to see how every other space flight simulator is nothing like Freespace 2. Volition, the developer, understands how to appeal to hardcore sim players while making a complex game accessible to people new to the genre.

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TPG Review Classics: Wing Commander III

By: Armaan Khan

TPG Review Classics is a new feature where we jump into the Wayback Machine to offer a modern look at PC games released during the 80s and 90s.

I’ve never been one to live in the past. Mistakes made, loves lost, the good old days, and the road less traveled.  These things don’t keep me up at night, so I’m especially not likely to get nostalgic for old video games. Sure some were great, and some are still fun to play even today, but most have been surpassed by modern experiences and are best left in the past where they belong. Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger is one of those games that falls in that last category. It’s a good experience overall, and worth checking out as a curiosity, but there are much better space sims out there to pass your time with.

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