Space Pirates and Zombies Review: Fight the Undead in Space

By Nicholas Krawchuk

Few things beat commanding a fleet of battleships into combat against both humans and zombies.  One thing that does is doing so with a fleet of custom-built ships. Space Pirates and Zombies is a top-down space sim RPG where every ship is customizable and every part matters. The game has been developed over the past few years by a two-man studio, MinMax Games. In SPAZ, you are in charge of a band of space pirates on a ship called The Clockwork. Aside from yourself, the crew of the ship contains three bickering lieutenants who must have the last word. Your main goal in the game is exactly what you would expect from pirates: loot. Somewhere in the restricted Core Worlds is supposedly a colossal pile of rez, which is black market currency. Being a pirate, you’ll stop at nothing to find it.

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