Voxeliens Review

By – Omar Khan

Retro games hold a special place in the hearts of everyone for different reasons. If you’re old enough, these games bring back fond memories of pumping change into arcade machines which allowed the flashing lights and 8-bit soundtracks to entice until you realize you’ve just spent all your pocket money.  For younger audiences, its all about being introduced to the classics by your elders. Like being taught how to shave or learning about the ‘birds and the bees’.  Voxeliens, developed by Volumes of Fun, is just this sort of game.

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Voxeliens Released

Volumes of Fun have released their indie title, Voxeliens.  You can pick up a copy from the official store.  There is also a demo available.  Here is the pitch:

Voxeliens is a fast-paced retro-style shooter which brings back old-school gaming in three glorious dimensions. Building upon a unique voxel-based engine, attractive visuals, and an 8-bit soundtrack, Voxeliens allows players to blast through different environments using a variety of powerups, in a race against time to stop attackers reaching the surface of the planet.

Voxeliens Developer Interview

Conducted By Adam Ames

David Williams, spends some time with TPG talking about his indie title, Voxeliens.  You will read about his thoughts on the PC gaming industry, life as an indie developer and how Voxeliens started.

Outside of creating the game itself, what is the toughest aspect of being an indie developer?

Marketing and promotion of the game take a lot of work, but it’s crucial if the game is to become any kind of success. We didn’t have any experience in this area so there’s been lot of learning involved. And even if you know what you’re doing it’s still a big time investment to keep in contact with you community, reply to emails, write press releases, etc.

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Volumes Of Fun To Be Had With Voxeliens

Volumes Of Fun has announced their 3D arcade shooter, Voxeliens which initially will be Windows-only with Mac and Linux soon to come.  Here is the official scoop:

Voxelien’s graphical style comes from its use of voxel technology, which allows the game world to be built from millions of individual cubes. This approach is perfect for maintaining the pixelated look and feel of yesteryear whilst harnessing the power of the GPU for modern lighting and rendering. It also allows for terrain to be dynamically destroyed according to gameplay events, meaning players can hide under cover and then shoot through it to take out enemies.

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