Will Fight For Food Developer Interview

Conducted By Adam Ames

Arvind Yadav from Pyrodactyl Games, developers on Will Fight For Food, speak to TPG about their development process, success and failures in creating Will Fight For Food, his thoughts on the PC gaming industry and much more.  Here is a preview:

Where did the idea for Will Fight For Food come from?

The game is a strange one. Ian and I were throwing ideas around, and the two types of games that we both liked were RPG and old school brawlers. The conversation mechanic was a bit of my personal project, because I feel conversation mechanics are an area current games can improve a lot in.

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Will Fight for Food Demo and Launch Date

Pyrodactyl Games, developers of Will Fight For Food, have announced a release date of April 13th via Desura on Linux and Windows.  With a combination of old school beat ’em up a la Double Dragon, mixed with an RPG plot, Will Fight For Food is looking like a great second effort from Pyrodactyl Games.  You can watch the trailer here and download the demo here.