Wizorb Review

By: Leland Flynn III

I think that it’s pretty safe to assume that anyone who has ever played a video game has probably played some form of a Breakout clone whether they were aware of it or not. The concept is such a simple one that this type of game is passed over by most gamers as “casual”. While the term may be apt when describing a game where the object is to bounce a ball off of a player controlled platform to break bricks at the opposite end of the screen, I don’t think that “casual” is a valid way to describe Wizorb. This game is astoundingly deep when it comes to mechanics which makes it a blast to play. But there is a catch: this game is also frustratingly difficult.

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Chasing The Dream: Wizorb Interview

Conducted By Adam Ames

Jean-Francois Major (pictured middle with Jonathan Lavigne – left and Justin Cyr – right), from Tribute Games talked to TPG about their action-adventure block breaker, Wizorb.  You will read about the development jump from consoles to PCs, the pitfalls from developing in an unfamiliar genre, thoughts on the PC gaming industry and more.  Here is a teaser:

Where did the idea for Wizorb come from?

Jonathan Lavigne came up to me about two years ago saying we should try to make our own games. Since I was working on my own small engine, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to put it to the test and flesh it out with an actual product. He had been working on the idea for Wizorb and it sounded like a reasonable project to tackle for a first game. You can read his blog post on his blog detailing his inspirations for Wizorb.

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