TPG Cast

TPG Cast is our online talk show where we cover the aspects of PC gaming in a more detailed manner.  You can expect in-depth discussions, developer interviews along with great fun and smart banter.

Episode 11

Adam Ames and Armaan Khan are joined by special guest, Wadjet Eye Games founder, Dave Gilbert.  In this episode, Dave switches between his developer and publisher hats to give fascinating insight into what it takes to run both ends of the PC gaming spectrum.

Episode 10

For our tenth TPG Cast, Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames decide to tone things down a bit with some off topic discussion which surprisingly stayed on topic.

Episode 9

Adam Ames and Phil Cordaro talk with Marketing and PR Manager for, Trevor Longino about all things digital distribution.

Episode 8

Adam Ames and Phil Cordaro chat with Nick Reineke creator of the YouTube Channel, Indie Impressions.

Episode 7

Woodsie and Sheppard from the YouTube Channel, ThePCElitist, speak their mind with Adam and Phil by disagreeing with critically acclaimed PC games.

Episode 6

Ethan Lee from flibitijibibo (The Big Steam List of 3rd Party DRM and Steam on Linux) takes both Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames to school on all things Linux.

Episode 5

Phil takes Adam on a lesson of regional gaming economics as he explains the pitfalls of being a PC gamer living in Germany.

Episode 4

Adam Ames talks with Hitbox Team to discuss the success of their great platforming title, Dustforce.

Episode 3

In this edition of TPG Cast, Adam spends the first portion of the show answering your questions about the site, the writers, relationships with developers.

Episode 2

Adam Ames and Phil Cordaro along with special guest, Armaan Khan, highlight TPG Cast Episode 2.  In this edition, the boys give their take on the casual vs hardcore debate, why Phil hates “fake” difficulty, Armaan’s distaste for puzzle games and Adam’s terrible joke which causes a rain of boos to descend from all parts of the globe.

Episode 1

Adam Ames and Phil Cordaro kick off Episode 1 of our internet talk show, TPG Cast.  You will learn about how both of them got into PC gaming, thoughts on PC demos and their take on poorly optimized PC controls.  Also, Adam talks a little bit about the site and gives a big thanks to all TPG fans.

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