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July 2012

The Importance of PC Demos – TPG Staff

What most of these demos have in common is to give a taste of the full game with limited restrictions on what the player could do from gameplay standpoint.  In end, this is what matters most – giving the consumer an opportunity to legally sample your product to ensure quality and system testing.

June 2012

The Online Backpacker Part 2 – Stuart Young

For the first few missions, I’d barely come into contact with other players in the world and was beginning to become rather cynical – surely, I thought, there’s more to the MMO concept than watching another player with a silly name run into a building I couldn’t enter to be sent off on his or her own breadcrumb trail of missions.

May 2012

The Online Backpacker: Discovering MMOs – Stuart Young

I’ve been a PC gamer since before ‘Massively Multiplayer’ was anything other than two words that sound a bit silly together. Yet ever since their inception, I’ve never played an MMO. It can be put down to a number of reasons: a fear of being sucked in, an aversion to games without a fixed ending, impenetrable-sounding game mechanics or just me being unsociable. Because of this, WoW, Eve, Guild Wars et al have all passed me by. MMOs are something other people do, a curiosity hovering in the periphery of my gaming vision.

March 2012

PC Gaming: A Positive Look – Adam Ames

An unforeseen positive impact of the digital distribution era has been to the self-proclaimed pirates who have turned away from their illegal downloading ways to become legit PC gaming customers.  The act of buying a PC game online has become a much more flawless experience than having to burn, mount or crack a pirated version.

How Television Gets Gaming and Technology Wrong – Adam Ames

The following clips will make you cry, laugh and punch your monitor all at the same time.

February 2012

A Daring Critique of Portal 2 – George Weidman

After re-playing both games a few times to take off the nostalgia goggles and check out the developer commentaries, it seems like Valve lost their way a bit while producing the sequel but masterfully crafted one of the most flawless and perfect gaming experiences with the original.

Developer’s Block: Quick Time Events – Carlin Au

Quick time events should be an add-on to the gameplay, rather than being a hindrance to the player in games such as Battlefield 3. It should not interrupt the flow of the game, but would make the job easier if executed. Quick time events wouldn’t be so bad if they could meet those conditions. It’s a feature that, if used properly, can be quite effective.

January 2012

TPG Worst PC Games of 2011

We now take a final look back by presenting the worst PC gaming had to offer throughout the course of last year.  Some were highly anticipated titles that broke our collective hearts, a few turned out to be quick cash grabs with no redeeming qualities, while others revealed themselves to be simply awful.

Fashionably Late: Finishing New Vegas – George Weidman

I’m shivering a bit while watching the credits for New Vegas roll by, and it’s hard not to feel like I just finished the best game of this generation. It’s also hard not to blame such high praise on the simple measure of its longevity. New Vegas took me 250 hours to finally put down, with most of that time spent playing my second character. Two-hundred and fifty hours, man. Think of the things I could’ve done with that time.

List of PC Gaming Digital Distribution Stores – Adam Ames

Although we are saddened by the downfall of PC gaming as a retail buying option, we understand the convenience digital distribution has to offer.  From the obvious to the obscure, the following list is a good starting point to help you discover the vast amount of digital distribution options.

Steampocalypse 2011: The Rise and Fall of a Coal Addict – George Weidman

Valve: I give up. You win. I lost. I’m done with this. I’m putting your coal and your achievements and your sale away. I’m just gonna go play fun games that I want to play now. Thanks for keeping me from doing that for past two weeks of my life.

December 2011

TPG Best PC Games of 2011

Fashionably Late: Finishing New Vegas – George Weidman

November 2011

The Devil in the Details: RRP in New Zealand and Australia – Noah Baxter

Skyrim Tweaking for Dummies – George Weidman

Porn and Literature: Examining Game Stories with Puce Moose – George Weidman

Call of Duty Feature – Carlin Au

September 2011

From Juggernauts to Humans: A Look at Realism in Gaming – Carlin Au

August 2011

Visual Noise: A Criticism of HUDs – George Weidman

DRM: Why Can’t We Be Friends? – Adam Ames

Where Have The PC Demos Gone? – Adam Ames

A Television Channel For Gamers – Adam Ames