GetGames Weekend Sale

GetGames is holding their weekend sale with some good deals up to 75% off.  Here are some of the highlights: Batman AC – 50% off ($9.99), Batman AA – 50% off ($7.49), Trine – 75% off ($3.75),  Bioshock 2 – 60% off ($7.99) and  Just Cause 2 – 75% off ($3.75).

Ghost Whisperer Review

By – Armaan Khan

I haven’t watched television since 2005. Anything I know about what’s on has been gleaned either from listening to the casual conversations of others and then researching it further on Wikipedia. This is why the only things I know about the Ghost Whisperer TV series is that it stars that cutie from Party of Five, and it’s about ghosts. It also aired for five seasons, which means it must have been better than Firefly, which is probably why Legacy Interactive chose to license the property and turn it into a video game.

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TPG Cast Episode 11: Wadjet Eye Games

Adam Ames and Armaan Khan are joined by special guest, Wadjet Eye Games founder, Dave Gilbert.  In this episode, Dave switches between his developer and publisher hats to give fascinating insight into what it takes to run both ends of the PC gaming spectrum.  Dave also goes into detail about heavily discounted game sales, Steam and much more.

Download direct from Dropbox or listen via YouTube.

Running Time: 1 hour, 9 minutes.

Final Fantasy VII PC Re-Release Impressions

After multiple false alarms by Square-Enix, the re-release of Final Fantasy VII for PC has finally seen the light of day.  Unfortunately, it appears to be an extreme bare bones rehash of the original PC version released in 1997.  Below will chronicle our first, and quite possibly last, impressions of this title.  You can also jump straight to our 10 minute gameplay video via YouTube.

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A Virus Named TOM Review

By Stuart Young

A Virus Named TOM is a tight little puzzle game with a neat twist. You play as TOM, a computer virus created by the archetypical deranged genius Dr. X. Thanks to Dr. X’s innovations, his erstwhile employers, Mega-Tech, have created the City of Tomorrow – a retro-futuristic 60s flavoured technological paradise of automated sidewalks and robotic pets. After his brilliant ideas take a turn for the homicidal, Dr. X is fired by the company and creates one last invention – TOM, a virus designed to frazzle all the city’s circuitry.

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TPG Cast Episode 10: Off Topic

For our tenth TPG Cast, Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames decide to tone things down a bit with some off topic discussion.  In the beginning though, Adam tells his horror story about GFWL then goes on to talk about the lack of quality customer service.  Phil then shines happiness on the cast by bringing up the fast food differences between Germany and the US.  You can download direct on Dropbox or listen via YouTube.

Running Time: 1 hour, 2 minutes.  Up Next: Dave Gilbert from Wadjet Eye Games

Orcs Must Die! 2 Review

By – Omar Khan

Finding the right balance of challenge and enjoyment is key when developing a game. Sure, when you’re a child you can spend hour after hour after hour on the same level of Earthworm Jim, but as soon as exams, a job, or heaven forbid, a social life start to get in the way, the few precious hours you get alone with a game have to be engaging and fun, but also progressive.  Orcs Must Die! 2 fits this bill perfectly.

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The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod

Modders.  Is there anything they cannot accomplish?  KOTOR II was released seven years ago and finally after years of hard work, The Restored Content Mod is now available.  This mod restores much of the content dumped by Obsidian in order to meet their release deadline.  It also fixes many bugs, some of which, blocked available quests and dialogue.  You can download TSLRCM via ModDB or the official forums.  KOTOR II is not available on any digital distribution platform, but can be found at local US retail stores such as Best Buy, Target or Wal-Mart.

4x Battles Await In Star Lords

Neogen2 Creations brings us word of their new 4x strategy title, Star Lords.  Take command as you seek to develop colonies, rule your empire and conquer all who oppose you.  Star Lords is currently in Alpha with a release date of Winter 2012.  You can pre-order Star Lords which entitles you to a 35% discount on the game and access to the beta and all additional updates.

Nexuiz Review

By – Carlin Au

An old school shooter built on the amazing CryEngine 3.  Sounds like a magnificent idea, doesn’t it? Surely, a combination of the new and old is bound to produce something beautiful. I’m afraid it’s only a gimmick as the engine just creates a blur around everything the player sees. Not exactly viable for a fast-paced Quake-style game.  This coupled with a small amount of players, Nexuiz simply falls short.

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August Edition: What Have You Been Playing?

Before anyone asks, yes.  We know this is an image of two dudes playing a console on a PC gaming site.  Stop worrying about that and continue tightening up the graphics on Level 3.  When you are done, TPG wants to know what you have been playing over the last month and titles you plan on starting this month.  Got addicted to any hidden gems over the Steam Summer Sales?  Picked up classics from GOG?  Start discussing in the comments.